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What is the Fume Tube?

The Fume Tube is patented technology engineered to attach to the muffler of most petrol-powered tools or equipment to extract fumes away from the operator. Fume Tube, in conjunction with a wet vacuum system expels poisonous gases, including carbon monoxide, away from the immediate work area.

Protects the Operator

Fume Tube removes all hazardous combustion fumes, including Carbon Monoxide, from the immediate work area protecting the operator from potentially fatal exposure

Consolidates Your Equipment

Fume tube allows you to use petrol-powered equipment indoors rather than using electrical or hydraulic options which may be expensive and time-consuming to set up

Compact & Convenient

Fume Tube is easy to transport around, works with most industrial wet vacuum systems and attaches simply to a wide range of hand-held or fixed equipment


Fume Tube has no moving parts and, with proper use, requires little or no maintenance over a long lifespan

Who Should Use Fume Tube?

  • Concrete cutters and wall chasers particularly where cutting is performed within structures & in ditches or other enclosed spaces.
  • Anyone using petrol-powered equipment in an enclosed place or in poorly ventilated areas.
  • Anyone using electrical or hydraulic equipment as a substitute for petrol-powered equipment due to potential fume exposed.


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